Chiropractic Services


Services Provided by Dr. Daina Patel

Chiropractic Adjustments

Traditional manual chiropractic adjustments are safe and are a great way to reduce pain. I am very gentle with my adjustments and will make sure that you are comfortable with the treatment. I use diversified technique adjustments as well as drop table adjustments to help improve joint restrictions. Click here to learn more.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft tissue treatment is sometimes necessary to complement a chiropractic adjustment. I use a variety of techniques such as Nimmo, IASTM (ConnecTx), cupping, trigger point therapy, MRT, and MSTM. This can help relax tight muscles and allow for a more comfortable adjustment. Click here to learn more.

Orthotics and Supplements

Custom made orthotics can be helpful for treatment of pain due to conditions such as osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia, runner’s knee, morton’s neuroma, and many more. Learn more about our orthotics here. Supplements can also be a great adjunct therapy.
Click here for my Metagenics dispensary and here for my Fullscript dispensary if you are an existing patient and would like to buy your recommended supplements online.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice

Using a combination of diet and supplements (depending on your concerns), I can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle or use food as medicine to reduce pain and symptoms of a variety of conditions. A healthy diet can significantly reduce pain and other symptoms. I take all patients through my 8 pillars of health where we address the major factors that can prevent you from getting better. If these are not addressed, you end up with chronic pain that keeps coming back! Click here to learn more.

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