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If you are local, you can join my practice as a new patient where you will get customized 1:1 treatment from me, combining manual treatments with home care. Combine strategic care while also receiving some manual therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue, cupping, corrective exercises, exercise form checks, posture screens, orthotic assessments, and more.

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Email me to get on the waitlist



Available to anyone in Ontario. Appointments conducted through a secure online video portal, kinda like having a Zoom call with your faves 🙂 In this style of treatment, we can focus on the home care and make strategic changes to your 1:1 custom treatment plan from the privacy and comfort of your own home. While it can be difficult to imagine how a chiropractor can help you virtually, be assured that much of the strategy I provide you can be done from home to achieve the best long-term results rather than a treatment focused on temporary pain relief with manual therapies.


Virtual Online Program for Women with Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain and want a more affordable way to achieve health benefits while still being able to cover appointments using extended chiropractic benefits, this packaged health coaching and chiropractic program might be the right fit for you. Included is individualized strategy with 1:1 virtual appointments with several group appointments so you can save but also connect with like-minded women going through a similar experience.
Open only to residents in Ontario. Please click here if you are located outside of Ontario.

Not sure which option is best for you? Book a free Discovery Call if you are in Ontario to chat with me so we can gain clarity on your best option.

"You are by far the best chiropractor I have ever had."
Kimberley S.

My Approach

I take a unique holistic approach treating the person instead of just the symptoms to get better and long-term results. Check out my 3 pillar approach:



In this pillar, you will learn how to go through foundational movements, learning form while increasing joint mobility, before starting to do any workouts, as well as stretches and simple ways to include movement into your busy day without working out.

You will also learn how to strengthen your body to support your back and core as well as learn how to fit movement easily into a busy day. You’ll be feeling stronger and more mobile in no time!



In this pillar, you will discover how to balance meals, learn the basics of anti-inflammatory nutrition, and learn what type of foods might be best for your body to support low inflammation levels in order to reduce chronic pain.

We will go through what you are currently eating and make small changes that work with you and your lifestyle.

I don’t believe in extreme diets and I always want there to be room for dessert (if you want)!


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In this pillar, you will discover ways to improve your mindset, manage stress, get the best sleep.

The mind-body connection is so important on the journey to healing chronic pain. It is essential that you learn strategies to address these important areas in your life to reduce chronic pain.

You will also learn how to set up your workstation and improve your posture all to contribute to less inflammation and pain.

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