Dr. Daina Patel is a chiropractor with a focus on womxn’s chronic pain conditions as they relate to the spine. Her mission is to help busy desk job workers, entrepreneurs, and students go from having their pain dictate what they can or cannot do to being confident in their body and moving with ease through their day. Instead of focusing on temporary relief solutions, she focuses on a holistic approach which gets to the root cause for long-term results. Dr. Daina has dedicated her practice to the optimization of womxn’s health and to empower them to make better health choices. 

In addition to her practice, she loves to spend time in the kitchen using all the newest tools and gadgets to make delicious food, especially to experiment and play around with recipes to make them healthier.


I believe that movement is medicine and the answer to better health lies in a strong mind-body connection. 

I believe that our overall health is a result of how we move, what we eat, and our lifestyle choices. 

I believe that when we learn to master our movement, nourish our body with whole foods, and address our lifestyle, we are able to truly thrive and reach our goals. 

Dr. Daina Patel | Chronic Pain Chiropractor and Healhth Coach


Dr. Daina Patel has written several articles for The Whole Family magazine and has been featured in EcoParent magazine online. Her recurring role is featured in the Ask a Chiropractor section.

She has also been featured in podcasts such as The Entrepology Podcast and The Good Mood Podcast.

Links to other publications written by or quoting Dr. Daina can be seen here.

Some video interviews may be seen on Dr. Daina’s YouTube Channel here.


Email us at admin@drdainapatel.com

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