Nutrition and Lifestyle

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Nutrition and lifestyle modifications can significantly reduce your pain and can improve the chances of the pain staying away.

When it comes to nutrition, I don’t believe in restrictive diets without any dessert or where you have to count calories. These diets are not healthy and only tend to focus on weight loss. If you are healthy, the weight loss will come on its own. This is why I work with you in determining the best foods to focus on in your diet.

Looking at the basics, drinking plenty of water, not eating processed foods, and focusing on including lots of plants in our diet, are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Add in some movement, nature, good sleep, managing stress, mindset, while removing unhealthy lifestyle choices, and you can live to your fullest potential.

One way to modify the diet is by doing a thorough food journal. This helps me to have a much better understanding of the foods you eat (whether you are eating healthy or not!). I can help you understand why certain foods/diets can either contribute to your pain or help ease your pain. Food sensitivities or allergies may also be discussed.

I also use a combination of functional medicine in my practice with nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help get to the root cause of the problem.

If your health care practitioner only treats your symptoms and your pain keeps returning, you may need nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Book a call with me today and let’s work together to treat the cause of your pain. I am confident that I can help you achieve your health goals. I want to get you to your fullest potential.

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