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A Different (and Virtual) Approach To Chronic Pain

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This is for you if you want to:

Despite your best efforts, there are a few obstacles:

Hi! I'm Dr. Daina Patel

I’m a (virtual) chiropractor who focuses on treating chronic neck and back pain.

I work with desk job workers, students, and entrepreneurs to identify the root cause of their neck or back pain and provide long-term relief.

My own chronic pain recovery took eight years, and now I have the skills to help patients get better in less time using an evidence-based, holistic approach that combines chiropractic and functional medicine.

I understand how you feel because I’ve been there.

I’ve got your back 😉

Enjoy life without worrying about hurting yourself if you move the wrong way

My unique treatment approach consists of three overarching pillars of treatment, each completely unique to what you require based on a thorough assessment:


You will learn how to move better, using simple exercises that will help you feel good and release tension. Our goal is to help you incorporate movement into your busy day.
In addition, you will learn how to strengthen your back and core, providing you with long-term relief of neck and back pain, as well as preventing recurrence of pain. You’ll be feeling stronger and more mobile in no time!

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

We’ll dive into your diet and gut health, understanding how they impact inflammation and pain. 

Lifestyle & Other Habits

You’ll discover strategies for embracing a positive attitude, letting go of stress, and improving your sleep.
Also, you will learn the best way to set up your workstation as well as improving your posture.

The 5-Step Unique Process

You will go through my unique 3 pillar method in 5 steps to reduce inflammation that causes pain, healing body systems that need the most support, and then strengthening you as a whole.

The 5 steps you will go through are:


Once we have gotten to the true cause of your pain, strengthen you as a whole, you will not only continue this pain reduction journey, but to hopefully prevent it from coming back. 

We cover a variety of different areas such as movement, sleep, stress, gut health, toxins, liver support, anti-inflammatory nutrition, lymph drainage, and more.

With this holistic approach that gets to the root cause of your problem, you’ll learn how you can get rid of your pain for good instead of being given temporary relief or relying on your next appointment

What we can treat in a virtual appointment:

PLUS—After You Complete Your Initial Assessment, You’ll Also Get Access to This Exclusive Bonus:

The Tension Release Method

Learn the foundational pieces that need to be in place to get long-term pain relief no matter what level you’re starting from. You will have access to all the tools and resources you need to be successful with videos and lessons to show you what to do. In this program we cover all the foundational material you will need and can refer back to at any time so that you will not waste time learning it in each appointment.

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Customized specifically for YOU

Not sure how seeing a virtual doctor can help you? Click here to read my blog post on what I can do for you in a virtual appointment or book a free 15 minute call with me to chat about how I can help you from the comfort of your own home.

"You are by far the best chiropractor I have ever had."
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